Business and Executive Portraits

Forrest is known for the highest quality in portraiture of business executives as well as leaders in the community. Shown below are Capt. Robert Heller, USN, (ret.), Va Beach Vice Mayor Louis Jones, our new mayor of Va Beach, Bobby Dyer (his official portrait which hangs in City Hall, and His Excellency Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, who served as the Vatican Ambassador to the United States. 

 We have photographed the official portraits of College Board of Directors, and many other organizations. 

We also create marketing and social media portraits for many businesses, including attorneys, realtors, and anyone who needs a professional image! Shown are examples of a local law firm, where we did each individually, so as people move on, or new people come on, we can easily add and change the grouping to keep current. We can also create the one large group portrait, but with the magic of technology, we can also add or delete people and have an up to date wall portrait, without having to have everyone come in to be rephotographed. We only need to photograph new people and can add them to the one group portrait!